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Nov 1, 2022

In this episode of the My Kinda Leader® podcast, Anna is joined by Darren Putt - the founder of Motus Training - a health, fitness, lifestyle, and performance consultancy business.

Darren (and the team at Motus) work with both individuals and organisations (including businesses and schools) and are involved with anything to do with how to improve performance using health as the mechanism to do that.

A lot of their work at the moment is around helping people manage stress better, and then how that then affects behaviours in the more mainstream areas of health such as nutrition, exercise and sleep.

Darren shares how the health and fitness industry are aware that the struggle to be healthy and fit is mostly in being consistent. In fact the health industry is built knowing that the gym would never be full, and it couldn't cope if every member stayed consistent and turned up! Just because it is a struggle to keep consistent, perhaps the 'trick' is to stay consistently getting back on track. If weight loss is your aim, but for whatever reason you cannot stick to your dietary regimen, stick instead with getting back into it as quickly as possible.

Anna and Darren touch on what's in the way of people doing the self-care even when they have the knowledge. We've all been their with the plan, the project, the programme and the focus (initially) so why is looking after ourselves still so hard to keep going?

For many committment to self-care is a struggle because they fall out with themselves and then don't allow themselves to forgive the falling off the diet, or falling out of the gym. That then turns up as a 'What's the point?'. Failure is not an option. What if failure wasn't even possible in self-care...and it's just healthier to think it's a bumpy journey that never ends?

Darren shares his challenge of finding what people prescribe in the health industry is often not what is done behind closed doors. This can come across as insincere, double standards and yet massive profits are made. Anna asks Darren what's the main question we should be asking ourselves as human beings right now, whilst we face coming through this pandemic and also face a health crisis mental and physical health.

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